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American Gym Trader works with hundreds of business brokers nationwide and we would be more than happy to work with you to help get your listing sold. AGT and all associate business brokers listed on our web site are willing to co-broker our listings with you and your vetted buyer.

You are welcome to post your listings on our site free. All leads go directly to you. There are no referral fees or monthly advertising fees. However, you must be willing to co-broker your listing with AGT and any associate broker on our site who  represents a qualified buyer for a fair negotiated rate.

Experience shows that co-brokering gets deals done. Let us help you sell your fitness business today.

If this interest you contact us and we will provide you with your own personal ad manager dashboard. Our mobile ready website is designed so that one listing manager can easily post and manage ads for hundreds of brokers or agents.


AGT would be pleased to host your logo and link to your franchise page free.

Many of our buyers seeking acquisitions have exceptional business and financial strength. Though, many lack fitness industry experience that causes concerns with lenders and landlords. Rebranding your franchise in an existing location eliminates that problem.

We presently support several nationally recognized franchises in sales and acquisitions. Ultimately keeping your locations open and growing your brand. We can help with your franchise resales and we also pay a 10% referral fee upon a successful sale for your lead.

Vendors and Service Providers

AGT would be pleased to host your logo and link to your franchise page free.

We care about the success of our buyers. After all, we want them to buy five more businesses.

If you have a product or service that supports the success of our new fitness industry business owners we would be more than happy to promote you. Who knows they could become the next fitness industry leaders.

Sell by Owner

Please visit our Sell by Owner page for more information.

Website Design & Development

We are so pleased with our new website design and the customer service from Jim Burns of Web Media Partners  that we just had to share.

The days of your customers being strapped to big bulky computers are nearly over. If your web site is not mobile ready and extremely fast you are not going to be favored by Google or your customers.

Bottom line, if you have an antiquated website you are losing money. Give Jim a call today 904.342.7437 or send him an email and get your business website up to date and start earning more money today. Please tell Jim, AGT sent you.

Professional Content Writing

American Gym Trader's search engine success isn't the result of chance or luck. From day one, we knew that we would need professional content that appeals to both search engines and humans.  (If you've ever tried to climb the ladder to the Google Gods, you know how difficult it can be to find a writer who excels at both!)

We teamed up with Nicole Beckett, the President of  Premier Content Source.  Her company is made up of professional journalists who also specialize in copywriting, email marketing, and video scriptwriting.  They've worked with 1,100+ clients, and they've written every word on our web site since 2010.  We wouldn't be sitting atop the search engine rankings without them!

Whether you’re the little guy who’s trying to stand out in a crowded niche, or you’re the biggest business on the block, Nicole and her team can help increase your web traffic, brand you as a top-tier expert, and establish better relationships with your customers.  Contact Nicole today and tell her AGT sent you.

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On Sunday afternoons in the fall, you'll find me watching the Washington Redskins. But no matter the day or the season, you'll find me spending quality time with my own "team" – my lovely wife, two children and five grandchildren.

In addition to being a family man, I owned a gym for many years, so I've been in your shoes. I know what it is like to have worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep things running smoothly. I'm familiar with all the reasons you might want to sell your fitness business -- like to spend more time with your family, to eliminate excess stress, or simply because you're ready to retire.

I decided to sell my gym in 2008, but it took my wife and I two years -- and two brokers -- to complete our sale to World Gym. Unfortunately, the local business brokers didn't really know anything about the fitness industry or any of the industry-specific terms that are vital to a sale.

Throughout all the frustration, I wished there was an easier way to buy and sell fitness businesses. In 2009, I made that wish come true by creating American Gym Trader.

Today, we're one of the most respected gym and fitness brokerage companies in the U.S. We've been part of many multi-million-dollar sales, and we're on a first-name basis with CEOs at many of the nation's biggest fitness companies. As National Gym and Fitness Brokers, we can educate buyers and lenders about our specific industry, which makes sales more efficient.

Even though I don't own a gym anymore, I'm still very passionate about the industry. Being able to help gym owners like you is a dream come true!

Give me a call at 571-989-6375, and let's talk about the sale or purchase you're considering.

Best in Health
Dave Didion

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