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Cedar Knolls, NJ | Morris County | 07927

Key metrics

Asking price: $300,000

Established: 2008

Gross income: $200,000

Cash flow:

Franchise: No


Employees: 6

Square Feet: 8,000

Home Based: No

FFE: $200,000 (included)


Real estate:

Relocatable: No

Business description

A no nonsense no fluff gym! It has everything you need and nothing you dont. This is a gym from a bygone era. Theres nothing out there like it!! The big box chains and franchises have taken over the fitness industry and only the strongest independent gyms have survived. We have survived for 10 years and continue to grow, invest and make the gym even better with more state of the art equipment that all mainstream gyms dont have. We provide a vast array of hardcore equipment for the serious athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman or crossfitter. Nitrofit has a vintage, old school feel to it with an industrial feel to the decor. 

Outside turf track, Full service juice bar, upper level cardio deck, clean locker rooms with rain showers. Unit is next door to a Baseball Academy and Massage therapist and dance school.



Other big box gyms in the area but none in this niche market.


Huge growth potential


Owner will train for 2 weeks FREE

Reason for selling

Owner has other companies within the fitness industry and looking to sell one gym to invest in his exercise equipment company ( and expand his other gym (Nitroflex Gym)

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