How to Buy a Gym or Fitness Center

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I want to buy a Gym. What Can AGT Do for Me?

So, you think you found the perfect gym, but not quite sure if the numbers add up? Here are just a few of the important steps we can do for you as a buyer's consultant.

  • We'll get you SBA Pre-qualified in one business day
  • We'll get you SBA funding in 48 days
  • We'll analyze the financials
  • We'll verify if the reported Cash Flow is accurate
  • We'll provide an Opinion of Value
  • We'll help you write an Offer or Letter of Intent
  • We can provide Consulting services to help you manage and grow the business
What can American Gym Trader do for me?

Even if your target gym is listed by another broker, we can help you make an informed buying decision.

Enroll in American Gym Trader's Buyers Database

Enroll In Our Buyers Database

There are gyms for sale that are never publicly marketed. The only way to know about these opportunities is to get your name into our buyers database.

We welcome national chains and presently work with highly recognized companies such as LA Fitness, Crunch, Gold's Gym, and YouFit to name a few, and many investors.

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