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Martial Arts

(city not disclosed) FL | Broward County

Key metrics

Asking price: $199,000

Established: 2003

Gross income: $203,679

Cash flow: $85,768

Franchise: No


Employees: 3 PT

Square Feet:

Home Based: No

FFE: $20,000 (included)

Inventory: $2,000 (included)

Real estate:

Relocatable: Yes

Business description

Martial Arts Academy established for 14 years in the same location, with more than 100 students. Safe, clean and modern learning facilities & installations. Certified instruction by the Florida Department of Education with trained staff. Convenient schedules, affordable tuition plans. Day & Summer Camps and special extracurricular activities. Easy to manage and good returns. The business maintains a Web Page for news and marketing.

Facilities description

Lease is $4,300 per month for 2,100 sq ft space in a shopping center with ample parking.


Our students learn not only self defense and physical agility, they also develop Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Confidence, Camaraderie & Sportsmanship.


The 2,100 sq ft space available allows to grow the number of students with marketing effort, targeting the kids in the schools nearby, visiting the schools and promoting the sports through events in the schools.


Will train for 4 weeks @ no cost. Owner works 30 hours per week in supervision, planning, administrative work and customer service. No special Licenses required. Good to have experience in supervision, management, business and administration.

Reason for selling

Owner moving out of the country.


fitness, gym, martial arts, day camp, summer camp, education, broward county, florida


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