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Small group training gym for sale

Colorado Springs, CO | El Paso County | 80909

Key metrics

Asking price: $15,000

Established: 2011

Gross income:

Cash flow:

Franchise: No


Employees: 1

Square Feet: 1,200

Home Based: No


Inventory: $15,000 (included)

Real estate:

Relocatable: No

Business description

Small gym for sale. Not in a lease in the current space. Over 15000 dollars worth of equipment. Gym currently running. Kettllebells, bars, bumpers, suspension9n trainers,  rubber floors throughout, full rig, slam balls. Only selling b3lecause of move. Super motivated, hence the price. 


Tons. Rent space for other trainers


Depending on when it sells, I can help you keep it running. Ill be leaving in February.

Reason for selling


Business website


gym colorado springs functional personal training


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  • Gross Income - This is the total gross sales and receipts from line 1 of the tax return. Learn more >>
  • EBITDA – Earning Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization. This financial term is generally only used with multi-million- dollar businesses.
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  • FFE – This is the estimated value of the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.
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  • Inventory – This is the estimated value of the retail products and merchandise.
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  • Cash Flow – Cash Flow is often also called Sellers Discretionary Earnings or Owners Benefit. All debts on a business are normally paid off at closing. Cash flow is the total of net profit, owner’s salary, depreciation, amortization, interest, perks and non-recurring expenses.
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